We want to provide you with some resources to use as you move forward in your efforts to Come Alive Outside. If there’s anything you’re looking for that would help you in your efforts to spread the movement, Contact Us.


Click here to download a guide on how to become a Come Alive Outside Community:Link to document on How to Become a Come Alive Outside Community


The overwhelming support of the Come Alive Outside movement at multiple levels is unbelievable! Because this movement continues to grow, and more organizations are beginning to adopt the wording in their marketing, JP Horizons is putting into place some basic guidelines in order to maintain consistency and protect the Come Alive Outside brand. To maintain a sense of collaboration and continuity within the Come Alive Outside Movement, please keep us updated on what you’re doing in your community.  These guidelines are certainly not meant to be severe restrictions. They are an effort to insure “Come Alive Outside” is not just a catch phrase but instead a sustainable brand that can benefit everyone. Here are the guidelines we request that you follow:

  1. Logo image can be requested from JP Horizons. Let us know if you need the logo for your website or if you need a higher-resolution logo for print materials.
  2. Logo image must include “registered” symbol.
  3. Notify JP Horizons of your use of logo on uniforms, signage, marketing materials, etc., so that we can share your work with the larger Come Alive Outside community.
  4. Use of logo on signage, printed materials, and website should include web address www.comealiveoutside.com.
  5. For public presentations, contact JP Horizons for a Powerpoint, which introduces the Come Alive Message and illustrates the problems that the movement addresses.
  6. Please let notify us of any public presentations, promotions, or press about Come Alive Outside so that we can amplify your efforts by sharing them with others.


The Come Alive Outside Press Kit includes links to the following:

  1. Come Alive Outside Flyer
  2. Sample Press Release
  3. Video introducing and explaining the need for the Come Alive Outside Movement


Check out some of the great websites and videos that inspire us to Come Alive Outside.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

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Dwayne Ulrichs December 3, 2012 at 3:30 pm

Lurvey Landscape Supply would like to further promote this effort and is requesting to
1. Use the logo on our catalog along with web address to over 6000 customers and link on our website
2. Receive a EPS logo to use according to the rules indicated on this site.

Thank you for your consideration.

Dwayne Ulrichs/ Daniel Wood

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