Family Memories Are Made Outside

by Linda Coors on August 11, 2011

Children Swinging on Tire

Children Make Swing Out of Tire They Found in Ditch

Why is it important to come alive outside? Reach back into your memories and what stands out to you? I learned to enjoy hard work from my dad because he made it a game. Getting wood for the winter was fun because carrying it to the wood pile was a competition to see who could carry the most and get back with another pile the fastest. Then we’d get to have a huge brushfire when night came, and we’d gather around to eat hot dogs and watch the fire reach to the sky.  How about finding a grapevine to swing out over the creek? Did you ever have a favorite tree? Mine was a weeping willow in the backyard and it belonged to me, so Mom wasn’t allowed to cut a switch from it to use on me. I’d climb up there and sit for hours just thinking. I used to wonder if my knees would always have scabs on them or if there was a possibility of healing. “No one’s ever skinned their knees playing the Wii.” What about the feeling of picking the first mess of beans and digging new potatoes from the garden and having them with fresh tomatoes, green onions and peppers all because you had the privilege of putting seed into the ground and nurturing it to produce? Think of the poetry that would never have been written if not for being able to look at a blue sky or a thunderstorm or walk through the woods on a crisp autumn day with leavings crunching on your feet or by a flower garden in spring with blooms all around you? What would it be like to never roll down a hill and come up covered in freshly cut grass? What can compare to the learning experiences of nature?  Take a child on a walk and you will be amazed to see things through his eyes and you’ll remember why we truly do come alive outside.

– Linda Coors

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Marie October 21, 2011 at 11:14 am

Very well written and so true..! I share the same views than you; memeories are made by what we shared being together with our families outside, camping, hiking, having picnics, boating, swiming together. Not by each being in the same room, with our own i-pad, blackberry, watching TV and not talking to each other as each one is engrossed in its own little ” WI-FI” world. Sad to see that younger kids are less active and in less good shape than a lot of older people..! Sad to see that technology has replaced time spent with family being outside, having meals together, plainly TALKING to each other….!


Kouki June 6, 2012 at 3:45 pm

I love this quote. I came across it a while ago, and I’ve been asinkg myself a lot what makes my soul come alive Lately, it has been grabbing my camera and getting back into photography. As much as I love reading and writing, having a camera in my hands gives me this freedom to look at life from so many different angles while I create a physical manifestation of what I am feeling in that moment. Sometimes, I even capture an image not knowing why it has grabbed me, and I discover the meaning in the moment after I see it. I would love to have the freedom some day to really pursue photography and get out there and share my passion. That’s something I’ll start working toward. ;0)


Jim Paluch October 21, 2011 at 12:39 pm

I believe you have captured the feelings of many people and have expressed them so well in your post. The great and encouraging thing is we all can do something about it. It takes individuals making little improvements and progress toward communicating, connecting and enjoying the unstructured moments and family time that will mean so much to all of us in the future. The COME ALIVE OUTSIDE movement is really about individuals like yourself and all of the others who are commenting and writing essays and taking steps to get outside to just keep doing it. If a lot of individuals continue to take small steps the momentum will be such that big results will come from it. Probably bigger than any of us could really have first imagined. Thanks for your thoughts, tell others about the messages here and remember, everyone wins when somebody goes outside. . .


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