Business Leader Takes Actions to Come Alive Outside

by Linda Coors on August 15, 2011

Children Helping to Landscape Their SchoolNanette Seven, Vice President of Include Software, attended a JP Horizons Face-to-Face event at the University of Maryland in March 2011 where the idea of Coming Alive Outside was presented and returned home to really put the ideas she learned into action. Here are a few of the actions she has taken since then:

  • Entered a 6K race and started hitting the pavement to train instead of just getting on the treadmill
  • Got her children outside riding their bikes and scooters, playing lacrosse, skipping rope and digging for worms
  • Organized and cleaned up a local elementary school’s landscape
  • Introduced an Environmental Literacy program at the elementary school
  • Created a Monarch Butterfly Garden and an Eastern Bluebird Garden at the school

Nanette goes into detail about these actions in her blog entries here:Children Helping to Landscape Their School

Nanette’s blog entry describing need to take action
Nanette’s blog entry describing actions she is taking

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