What Can I Do to Come Alive Outside in My Company?

by Linda Coors on August 16, 2011

Miles FloetkerOver the past several months, dozens of Green Industry companies have grasped the concept of Coming Alive Outside and seen the connection between helping others value outdoor spaces and creating a strong platform to continue to sell their services. As you explore the Business portion of the Come Alive Outside website, you will be able to read about the actions these Actipreneurs are taking to better their communities and their businesses at the same time.

Actipreneurs will become a vital part of the Come Alive Outside movement as they impact the people and culture of their business and reach the communities they serve. By definition, Actipreneurs are individuals that capture the business opportunities of today while creating a better world for tomorrow. The word originates from what at first glance and culturally seems like two opposing words: activist and entrepreneur, yet when you thoughtfully consider these two groups it’s easy to see they have more in common than not. True activists have tremendous passion for the cause they believe in and are committed to sharing that passion with others in order to make a difference for that cause. An entrepreneur is also someone who has passion and enthusiasm for what he or she believes in and often creates something from what began as a vision and through the transference of this enthusiasm builds something great and significant. The entrepreneur’s almost mystical talents of being able to craft a plan, build a team, and sell the idea to those who receive value from it, while creating wealth for himself or herself and others can only enhance the effort to help others Come Alive Outside.

Maroon Team Preparing Come Alive Outside PresentationConsider the immense power and potential of combining the passion, enthusiasm, commitment, vision, and energy of these two types of individuals in a way that unleashes the talents and skills of both at a higher level all focused on creating improvement. As ACTIPRENEURISM gains momentum and is viewed as a force to be reckoned with, it will transform the old adversarial thinking between ACTIVIST and ENTREPRENEUR and do away with what seems to leave the options of either choosing “this or that.” Actipreneurs will be the backbone and driving force behind getting things done in a Come Alive Outside Community.

Give your company the Come Alive Outside EDGe

Come Alive Outside EDGe Logo
The Come Alive Outside EDGe challenges our current realities as individuals and as companies to find the simplest ways to Energize our company’s culture, Define our company’s marketing message and Grow our company’s sales.

5 Essential Themes as You Seek the Come Alive Outside EDGe:

  • ACTION – Come Alive Outside is a verb, and it is only words unless action is associated with it. Running, sitting, laughing, jumping, watching, playing, enjoying, walking and listening all become so much bigger, brighter and meaningful when they happen … OUTSIDE!
  • ENERGIZE CULTURE – What happens outside does not need to stay outside! Identify and consider the outdoor elements that create positive energy and a sense of well-being and apply those elements to developing a positive and productive work environment.
  • DEFINE YOUR MARKETING MESSAGE – Every person and every company has a story to tell. When that story has significance to someone else and they connect with it in a meaningful way, then your story will have an impact. Any organization can add significance to their story and DRIVE their marketing message by helping people become aware of the benefits to increasing their time … OUTSIDE!
  • Carlos Medrano and Bob MaffeiGROW SALES – Profitable sales growth is a key goal that every company and sales professional strives for. Sales growth only happens, however, when an intentional approach to improving the sales process is taken. As an energized culture emerges and the marketing message reflects that energy with a purpose appealing to your intended audience, then the only thing that stands in the way of sales growth is how well the sales process is executed by the sales team.
  • INSPIRE ME – One common factor of every great thing that has ever been accomplished is that an inspired individual is always involved. It has been inspiration that has brought every person to where they are now in their career and it will be inspiration that determines how much further they will go. Understanding your own personal “why” will give you insights into what will inspire you in the future and then, just like every person seeking after a goal, you must find that inspiration within yourself to take action.


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