Go Play

by Linda Coors on August 22, 2011

Splashing in PuddlesOne good way to refresh and renew yourself is to engage all of the senses in play. Can you remember going out to stand in the rain just because? Anyone with children, or anyone that has observed them, has noticed their ability to be spontaneous and their uninhibited enjoyment of the basics.

Tell a kid it’s okay to get all wet, and they’ll jump right into the puddle. To develop the flexibility to be creative, we need to give ourselves license to immerse ourselves into experiences rather than removing ourselves to observation mode.

Playing with KittensSquish the mud, roll with the dog, lick the juice of a tangerine off your fingers and laugh as it runs down your arm. Make experience a sensory adventure. Play!

One of the first things we lose sight of when we become “grown-ups” is how to simply play, and the rules of adulthood get in the way. Remember how going out to play after school felt so good?

Adults Playing FrisbeePlay is fundamental to our well being, our creativity and sometimes can trick us into feeling like work as we fight all the conventions of adult society. But as we practice, play becomes more natural, as it was when we were children. Allowing for a little playtime each day provides for the renewal we all need. It allows us to tap into the expansive part of us that propels us toward new things… and, we are refreshed!



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