Unplug and Play

by Linda Coors on August 26, 2011

Children Bouncing on BallsI think we all want to see our children, grandchildren, or even just the neighborhood children getting outside and playing, but we may be wondering what we can do to help encourage this. One of the most important steps as far as encouraging children to do anything is being an example first. If we’re coming home from work and plopping down in front of the television to relax or sitting in front of the computer to catch up with Facebook friends or constantly checking our phones for a new text message, children aren’t going to pay much attention when we say, “You need to get outside and play and enjoy yourselves and quit spending so much time on that video game.” As Gandhi put it, “You must be the change you want to see in the world.” First, unplug yourself from technology, and then you will be much more effective in getting your family outside to play.

Adults Bouncing on BallsThink about what you enjoyed doing as a child. Were there some games you played that your children have never even heard of? I was recently remembering one called Colored Eggs, but I couldn’t recall exactly how to play it. I found this great list of games and it had instructions on how to play Colored Eggs. You might check it out if you need a refresher on a game you want to teach to your children.

To go along with this idea of unplugging from technology, here is an article titled “Unplug and Play: The Importance of Old-fashioned Fun in a High-tech World” to help you get started with some more ideas and activities. Let us know the difference that choosing to unplug and play makes to your family.

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