The Benefits of Exercise and Taking Small Steps

by Jim Paluch on September 16, 2011

People Solutions - Benefits of ExerciseOur September 9 People Solutions newsletter focused on the Benefits of Exercise. In case you missed it, you can read it here: The Benefits of Exercise.

In response to this newsletter, someone wrote to me and asked, “How can a person stay focused doing the right things when stress really hits home and shakes you to the core?” Here is my response to that question, and I welcome your thoughts on how you stay focused during stressful times.

This question makes me think of what came first, the chicken or the egg? Does stress keep us from exercising or does not exercising open the door to stress? I can tell you from experience that every person I know who exercises on a regular basis has a higher threshold to manage stress . . . So with that said, starting slowly to get back on track could be the best way of managing the stress . . . I say slowly because so many times we are so ready to get rid of stress that we go out for the 5-mile run when we should have started with the 5-minute walk. The greatest thing about exercise is building our self-discipline muscle, the same muscle group that helps us manage stress.

I hope you notice I did not say we exercise to get rid of stress. There is only one place where there is no stress, and most are not ready to go there yet. We can only manage our response to stress, and exercise positions us more favorably to do so. I suggest you do a little personal research on yourself and commit to a two-week or one-month course of exercise, and at the end of that month, evaluate how you are responding to the business issues that can plague everyone. Your conclusion may be that the problems have not gone away, but your ability to find better, more effective solutions and responses has increased dramatically.

In no way am I making light of anyone’s situation, because many people have certainly been thrown some curves. The best next step is to make sure you are first taking care of yourself so you can take care of your customers, your business, and your future.



P.S. Check out the rest of the Come Alive Outside website. This is a passion we have found here at JP Horizons and just realize that everyone wins when somebody goes outside .  .  . maybe your next step is to take a 5-minute walk  . . . OUTSIDE ! !


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