Man’s Best Motivator Essay Sample:
A Grand Dog’s Enthusiasm for Unstructured Play

by Jim Paluch on September 21, 2011

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I don’t have a grandchild, but I have the next best thing: a grand dog!  Beanie, a black and white Boston Terrier, belongs to my son and daughter-in-law and definitely understands that outside is a place to come alive, and he does with endless enthusiasm.  His passion is chasing and catching a soft Frisbee, seldom missing it and always returning with the same energy that he used to retrieve it! If a second passes before the next toss, he will give a look that says, “What are you waiting for?” One Saturday evening Beanie easily persuaded me to take up my role as the obedient and consistent Frisbee thrower. He was catching everything I threw. How far can he go?  I started reaching back for a little extra, like a pitcher wanting to finish off a batter. Each throw went further,  50 and 60 yards or more, and each toss came back just as quickly as it went out.  Finally after nearly two hours and no one warming up in the bull pen, the game was called on account of my weariness. Beanie slept tremendously on the floor, his distinct snores resonating.  The next morning he bolted into the bedroom, Frisbee in mouth skidding to a stop on the bed, nose to nose with me, ready to go again.  The only problem: I could not lift my arm.  My shoulder was so sore that I thought, “No way will that happen again!” That was until Beanie’s persistence helped me get out of bed to come alive outside and learn to throw with the other hand. A new game had begun!

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