Camping Craze! by Amy Nevills

by Linda Coors on October 5, 2011

Children on Bench

As soon as we start packing the camper, our dogs’ energy levels go on high alert. Our family loves to camp and our dogs, Biscuit and Bella, are no exceptions.

Mundane days no longer exist when we camp, and the dogs know the drill. Early morning walks are necessary, as well as mid-morning, and afternoon frolics in the doggy park. Letting the dogs outside is just a chore at home, but while we are camping, it is an entirely different story. Proudly wearing a leash, the dogs lead the way to the doggy park, while the lucky child that holds the other end follows along. Once we are in the park, dogs, kids and adults alike run through the obstacle courses. Even our “old” dog Biscuit cannot escape the encouragement of the family to climb a walk or jump over a hurdle.

Hikes become a chance to slowly explore for dogs and humans alike. Sniffing flowers turning over rocks and watching the bugs crawl is good for hours of entertainment. It’s not all relaxing though, a blowing leaf, a chatty squirrel, a bouncy frog or a brave rabbit can cause even the most stoic dog or child to excitedly jump up and down or play chase. Parents, children and dogs are equals as they watch a furry caterpillar crawl across a leaf. As equals, anyone can share a discovery or a find.

Fishing can become a contact sport if Bella thinks a flopping fish hauled to shore might be after her. Biscuit is known to forget herself and jump right in if the day becomes too long or hot. Both dogs will sit patiently and explore tadpoles and minnows with the kids as well.

With no effort at all, our dogs bring us closer to the nature that surrounds us. They remind us to explore, to splash, to chase, to enjoy and embrace the world around us. They remind us that it can be fun to follow a bug, and a floppy fish might really be out to get us. They also appreciate that relaxing by the fire after a busy day can be just as enjoyable, because sooner or later someone is certain to drop a roasted hotdog!

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Judy Brown October 14, 2011 at 10:04 am

Great story!


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