From One Dog to Another by Paul Leao

by Linda Coors on October 5, 2011

Hey Sam,

How’s it going? Peed on anything cool lately? I found something in the backyard I really liked and was about to roll in it when my master stopped me. I was so looking forward to wearing that smell for few days. I got to see some new country this summer. They got some new big doghouse that can take me wherever I want to go. They sit up front and I can stand and look out the window. Don’t get to see many animals though and nothing to chase. All I can see is cornfields and some moving water. I heard about a place called Iowa that has a lot of cornfields and we did cross a river. So we must have been in Nebraska. We stayed in a campground that I really liked for several weeks. This place had the best cats. They are so dumb. Cats always hang out by the trash and they are so distracted that by the time they know I’m there I can almost get me one. I think I’m slowing down a little. Never did get me one of those cats.

Another time we went in the big doghouse and ended up by a lake. We must have been up north cause it was a little cold. There were a lot of planes coming and going from the lake and some of the people talked funny like they were from another country or at least Canada. The boys disappeared for a couple of days in that funny little boat they sometimes paddle around in. I could really show them how to paddle but that water was cold. So me and the Mrs. had a couple of easy days all to ourselves.
Just when I was getting used to the one little guy hanging around another one shows up. The master sure loves them little kids. Must be family, like grandkids or something. One thing is for sure though. I still OWN the yard. There is no critter that I can’t chase. Then once they’re gone I bark at them a while just so they know who owns this yard.

Well I got to go and beg for a treat now. All I need to do is look at ‘em, bump ‘em and give ’em a bark and I get what I want. So hey listen, don’t be a stray. Stop in some time for a sniff.


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Lisa Weiss October 21, 2011 at 6:51 am

Our Pasha is a standard Poodle. He does have a bit of an attitude. He knows he is totally gorgeous. He is selective about who he will talk to, no matter what bribes are offered.
One day we brought him to the Psychiatric Hospital for a visit and were amazed at his compassion to the inmates. Here he automatically bonded with all who needed help.One day he approached an elderly gentleman who was comatose and pressed his head on the mans lap under the resting hands, much to the protests of the orderly who said he had not moved for years. It took Pasha 3 visits and persistent contact to get a reaction – it started with a tiny finger movement and has now graduated to a slow stoking . Amazing what an animal can accomplish that is beyond science. L. Weiss


Linda Coors October 21, 2011 at 10:05 am

Lisa, thanks for sharing this amazing story about your poodle and how he has helped the man at the hospital. That is so wonderful!


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