Playing Forever! by Marissa Nevills

by Linda Coors on October 5, 2011

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I have one of man’s best friends, a dog. Her name is Bella. She is 18 months old. Bella is a boxer mix. Bella and I go outside all the time. We throw bones and balls and she goes and gets them, but sometimes she doesn’t want to give them up. But that’s O.K cause it’s fun to run around and try to get the ball back. Sometimes Bella and I even play tag. I’ll tag her and then I run away and she tags me. If there was a winner, she would for sure win! She is crazy fast at running. We run races and she wins most of them; she has a lot of energy. We run up and down our yard all day. She sometimes plays by herself. And when it rains, we have fun playing in the rain and inside. When we’re hot, we get cooled off by the rain! Bella is so fun to play and run with. I bet with all the running Bella and I do, I could bet her one day. We like to play lots of games outside. I throw bones and balls. Bella runs with all her might jumps and gets the ball in the air. It looks so cool when she jumps, grabs it then runs back to me. We could do it all day! Sometimes we even lay in bed together and fall asleep from playing all day. Then we get up and play more, all day, every day. Bella is so much fun. The only bad part about playing all day is the next day I am sore, but I still love doing it. Bella motivated me to get outside and play.

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Laurie Paquin October 14, 2011 at 3:10 pm

I love this story – it is the best reason to share your life with a dog. Who could ask for a better friend.
Your story made me smile.
Thank you.


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