Rosie’s New Duck by Madilynn Ware

by Linda Coors on October 5, 2011

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“Rosie! Rosie, we’re home,” Nathan called as he opened up the back door to our cozy lil’ house. Mom, Nathan and I had just come home from the store, and had bought our dog a new toy. Immediately, our three-year-old Keeshond-Shepherd mix came running towards the door from where she was laying in the hallway, her big paws skidding across the kitchen floor. She bolted down the stairs and almost hit the screen door that Nathan was opening. “Settle down, Ro Ro! You could have hurt yourself,” Nate said as if he thought she could understand. Rosie just stood there wagging her tail, her big brown eyes staring up at him as if she was saying, ‘Well? Open up the door!’ When Nathan did open the door, Rosie ran out into the driveway to greet us. Mom pulled the tag off her new stuffed duck toy. She held it out for Rosie to sniff, and then she flung it into the grass. Rosie looked at the duck, then at Mom, then at the duck again as if to say, ‘What did you do that for?’ Mom told her to go get her duck, and after a little encouragement, she finally did. She liked this new game! We would all take turns throwing the duck, and Rosie would bring it back. She liked to tease us; She would come towards us as if she was going to drop it, and as we reached out our hands to grab it, she’d run back into the grass. If we did happen to grab it, she’d pull as hard as she could, and you’d have to let go or else Rosie would rip it. We played this game of “Throw-Then-Tease-Then-Tug-Then-Fetch” for a while, until Mom, Nate and I were all tired. When we were about to open the door to go in, Rosie grabbed her toy and blocked the way to the door. “Okay, girl, but just for a little while longer,” I said. We ended up playing outside for hours. By the end of the day, we all were pooped. Even Rosie seemed satisfied. And that’s how our dog has motivated us to “Come Alive Outside” every day.

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