Josie – Simply Why I COME ALIVE OUTSIDE by Nanette Seven

by Linda Coors on October 14, 2011

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Are you lucky enough to come home at the end of a horrific day to be greeted by your canines’ unconditional love and affection? To have a nuzzle lift your arm and thrust their head under your hand forcing you for a stroke or pat? Have you ever cried and had your hound lay its head upon your leg as if to understand your every worry? I have. And that is why when my Josie looks up at me with those big brown eyes and says to me, “Come on; it’s time to play,” I know it is time to “Come Alive Outside.”

It could be at that point and time really the last thing that I want to do or have time to do, but I HONESTLY feel that instinctively this mutt knows exactly what I need at that particular moment in time; to leave the pressures of the office behind, the housework to another moment, the kids; well they can join it too. But for Josie and me, it is simply time to go outside and leave the world behind. It’s a therapy session in the most simplistic form; to watch this golden mop of a “designer dog” run boundlessly time after time chasing her “soccer” ball. Returning each and every time with an implanted grin on her face. How can you not see that smile and forget the perils of the day, the homework that needs to be completed, the dinner that needs cooked and the kids that need driven to practice or a game? With each throw and fetch, the grass gets a little bit greener, the sky a little bit bluer, the birds sing louder and the air smells all the more cleaner. The tension melts away, the troubles seem a distant past, the kids come outside to join in on the “play” and my day has just turned around from not so okay.

It may seem so simple, it may resonate with you and it may not, but to me it is that unconditional love, that instinct of a canine that knows how to connect with me and say, “Hey, stop a minute. You need to Come Alive with me Outside,” to connect with what gives you solace and makes you stop and say, everything will be okay.

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Shannon McKinlay-Key October 14, 2011 at 9:54 pm

really nice and understand


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