Sebert Landscaping’s LEED-Certified Building Inspires Employees

by Linda Coors on November 17, 2011

Jeff Sebert of Sebert Landscaping in Bartlett, Illinois, talks in this video about their new LEED-certified building and what it has meant to the employees there.

Many companies are starting to realize the advantages of offering green spaces in their facilities for employees to enjoy. Some of the things that you will hear Jeff talk about in this video are:

  • How the facility was inspired by Downtown Chicago and the green initiative and LEED-certified buildings there
  • The effect of the facility on their attitude, culture and thinking
  • Parking lot made of permeable pavers to filter water runoff
  • Landscaping made up of indigenous plants that don’t need irrigation
  • Solar panels on roof to reduce dependency on electricity
  • Green roof that saves energy and fuel heating costs and provides a green space sanctuary for employees

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