Eavesdropping on Jim Paluch and Bob Coulter’s Conversation

by Linda Coors on December 6, 2011

Jim Paluch and Bob Coulter at Come Alive Outside EventJim Paluch has used the platform of JP Horizons to spread a positive and energizing message to companies for over two decades. Bob Coulter has been a major part of the message for the last 10 years, and together they have had a lot of experiences observing, helping, and sometimes just wondering what an owner or leader was thinking!!! Listen in as Bob and Jim exchange war stories about their adventures on the road to energizing a zillion and offering people solutions that drive business performance. This conversation is a unique experience as they promise to change the names to protect the innocent but not hold back on discussing the genius yet sometimes strange things leaders do as they go to battle the challenges of business and people!

During the webinar, Jim and Bob used the Come Alive Outside EDGe concept to address ways the best companies do the following:

  • ENERGIZE their teams
  • DEFINE or DRIVE their marketing message
  • GROW their sales

They cover lots of topics in just 48 minutes. A few ideas they discuss are:

    Come Alive Outside Eavesdropping Webinar

  • Leaders should be careful they don’t caution new ideas to death.
  • Team members can accomplish a lot without a manager’s input.
  • Start every meeting with your Mission Statement. A great question: “What have you done in the past 48 hours to PROVE our mission statement?”
  • The need to give your team goals
  • How to facilitate meetings and come to a great closure at the end of a meeting
  • Working through difficult times
  • Consistency in following through with processes, such as the Working Smarter Training Challenge
  • Using the phrase “I couldn’t pass up this opportunity. . . .”
  • Learn to tell your story all the time.

Have fun listening in on this conversation, and feel free to post any comments or questions below.

Our next webinar is scheduled for January 9, 2012, at 3:00 p.m. EST and you can register here for it.


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barry edwards December 6, 2011 at 10:58 am

Bob and Jim, thank you for a very informative webinar. I especially found the comment about ending a meeting so that “I can go back to work” to be very astute (as you mentioned, that assumes that the meeting wasn’t productive). As someone that gets called in to various client meetings fairly regularly, this makes me more aware that I need to come prepared with a desired outcome(s) in mind to make sure that I’m spending my time wisely.

Also, I love the “Selling From The Why” concept. Its not easy to digest at first, but I’m getting it. I think a few real-world examples can help us all grasp it a bit better as well. Thanks again, guys!


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