Preview of 2012 Events and Programs

by Linda Coors on January 10, 2012

We are excited about all that will be occurring in 2012, and Jim Paluch gives us a preview in this webinar recording  from January 9, 2012.  Here are some of the things discussed in the webinar:

  1. Webinar Screen Shot of Preview of 2012 Come Alive Outside and A Better WayA new program called A Better Way to Learn Financials with Frank Ross
  2. Face-to-Face Events
  3. National Come Alive Outside Event
  4. Come Alive Outside Facts of the Day
  5. A Better Way Webinar Series
  6. Come Alive Outside Challenges
  7. Come Alive Outside Summits
  8. Come Alive Outside Rallies
  9. In-depth introduction to this year’s Smart Companies and how they’re positioned to help you
  10. Ideas on how to build on the Come Alive Outside EDGe in your company

If you missed the live webinar, make sure you watch the recording so you know what to look for this year.



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