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One Small Step Can Change Your Life

by Linda Coors on February 16, 2012

It is always a pleasure to have Dr. Bob Maurer, author of One Small Step Can Change Your Life, as a guest speaker on a teleconference, webinar, or event, and the webinar we held for the A Better Way community on Monday was no exception. We are sharing a recording of that webinar with you so you can get some ideas about the power of taking small steps and asking small questions that can make lasting changes in your life, including changes that will help you to spend more time outside.

The webinar focused on taking small steps, asking small questions, giving small rewards and the power of mind sculpture. A few of the quotes referenced in the webinar are listed below:

“Far more often, innovation doesn’t arrive like a thunderbolt. It emerges incrementally, in bits and chugs, forged by a mix bag of coworkers from up, down, and across an organization, sweating and wrangling it out in the trenches. Glamorous, hardly. Powerful, absolutely.”
– Jack Welch, past CEO, GE
Business Week, April 21, 2005
One Small Step Can Change Your Life Book
“My players would probably tell you they never heard me mention winning. I don’t think scores indicated you won or lost. I want them to work each and every day to improve themselves.”
– Coach John Wooden

“Turning towards your spouse in the little ways is also the key to long-lasting romance. Many people think that the secret to reconnecting with their partner is a candlelight dinner or a by-the-sea vacation. But the real secret is to turn toward each other in little ways each day.”
– John Gottman

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Steve Cochran February 17, 2012 at 12:53 pm

I listened, watched the webinar and ordered the book. While at Ariens I initiated the Implemented Program and scrapped the suggestion program. We had 300 implemented’s a month and the reward was a random drawing (not based of the value of the implemented) for each 50 implemented’s. We posted each “Kaizen” Implemented to give others the same opportunity to improve their area. We also posted idea’s of places to look for opportunities to improve. I credit this program with the fast plant wide adoption of Lean at Ariens Company. People were encouraged to use their minds to improve their work space.

Thanks for bringing this learning opportunity to me.


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