How to Get Your Community Coming Alive Outside

by Linda Coors on February 21, 2012

Prince Edward County Outside Fitness TrailWe thought you might enjoy this 15-minute excerpt from a recent webinar with Jim Paluch and Sarah Walker where Sarah explains what she has done working with the Scott Wentworth Landscape Group to help their community in Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada, Come Alive Outside. Prince Edward County was declared the first Come Alive Outside Community in North America. During this webinar, Sarah describes some of the activities they have had in the past year including the following:

  1. Canada Day on in July 2011 where they had a Come Alive Outside Day for their community with a focus on unstructured play for children
  2. Sports Day in September 2011 where they had an all-day soccer marathon
  3. Winter Fest in February 2012 with and igloo and snow activities for families

Sarah shares some ideas for getting the support of public officials and media to help in efforts to spread the Come Alive Outside movement through your community.

The next big project they are working on is an Outdoor Fitness Trail. Construction should begin in the spring of 2012.

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