Webinar: Certified Wildlife Habitats through National Wildlife Federation

by Linda Coors on May 21, 2012

We had the privilege today of having Roxanne Paul, Senior Coordinator of National Wildlife Federation’s (NWF) Habitat Program, as a guest speaker on our A Better Way / Come Alive Outside webinar. Roxanne has been instrumental in working with communities and individuals across the country to create over 150,000 gardens that bring joy to their caretakers and act as homes to local wildlife like birds, butterflies, toads, and more.

Watch the recording below to learn about Certified Wildlife Habitats and what they can bring to the great outdoor work you are already doing. Roxanne talks about:

  • What is a Certified Wildlife Habitat (CWH)?
  • A short history of how and why NWF got this up and running
  • What the required elements of a CWH are (food, water, shelter, place to raise young)
  • The many benefits of CWH to people and wildlife
  • How you can get involved

Click here to learn more about Certified Wildlife Habitats.

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