Come Alive Outside Challenge Kansas FFA Winner

by Linda Coors on May 24, 2012

When the Kansas FFA Chapters met at Kansas State back in March, we knew we were dealing with a special group of students and educators, but we had no idea just how great the projects and events they planned then would turn out. Nine FFA Chapters participated and planned projects and events to help their communities understand the value of Coming Alive Outside. The results are outstanding, and we are so impressed with the video documentaries that each chapter produced. The final results for voting on the videos are in and the winner of the video contest is the Chapman FFA.

Below is a video with a clip from each of the entries to give you an idea of the great projects and events these FFA Chapters planned for their communities.

To see the full-length version of all of the FFA Chapter video documentaries, click here.

Thank you to John Deere for sponsoring this Come Alive Outside Challenge for the Kansas FFA Chapters.


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