Mazelis Landscape – Come Alive Outside Ideas for PLANET Day of Service

by Linda Coors on February 28, 2013

Mazelis Landscape LogoMazelis Landscape is very excited about helping its community Come Alive Outside. This week they met with their Historical Society which is located on 20 acres in the heart of their town to plan for some outside activities to do on PLANET’s Day of Service on April 22, 2013. They have an excited group of people to help make their plans a reality, and they have already come up with some great suggestions for activities. If you’re looking for something to plan in your own community, perhaps you can use one or two of the ideas they came up with below:

  1. Bonfire
  2. Classroom time discussing birds and butterflies and then going on nature walks to see them
  3. Scavenger hunt
  4. Building personal edible gardens individually named after the kids. Later in the season, the kids will come back and harvest the produce and donate it to the local food pantry.
  5. Coloring and poster contest promoting the outdoors
  6. Games
    • Old-fashioned baseball team will come.
    • Wiffle ball
    • Tug of war
    • Hopscotch
    • Jump rope
    • One-legged races
  7. Antique tractors for viewing (their town highway department has 2 antique trucks)
  8. Giveaways, raffles, t-shirts, etc.
  9. Educational events (things you can do at home)
    • Recycling
    • Composting
    • Being green
  10. Sandcastle contest using tacky pool sand
  11. Build a garden to attract birds and butterflies
  12. Building birdhouses or other items using recycled products so the kids have something to take home and continue with nature.

There are some great suggestions here. Why not pick one and use it in your community?

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