Getting the Message of Come Alive Outside

by Linda Coors on April 3, 2013

We talk to people every day who are very excited about the Come Alive Outside movement and who want to learn what they can to do take it to their communities and spread the message. I read an article written by Jody Shilan, Editor at, about his experience in hearing about Come Alive Outside last October at the GIC in Louisville. It was interesting to read how he got the message and began thinking about how landscapers should be enticing people outside. Below is an excerpt of his article that you can finish reading on the website:

I just returned from Louisville, Kentucky where I attended a four-day conference and exposition about all things related to landscape design, maintenance and construction.  From software and equipment to classes on business management and marketing, it was all there. Thousands of green industry professionals gather there annually, and each year I take away some incredible ideas and information that recharge me until next October.  This year was no different.

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