How to Grow Sales by Helping People Come Alive Outside

by Linda Coors on July 11, 2013

The Come Alive Outside EDGE webinar on July 9 was on growing our sales by helping people Come Alive Outside. Jim Paluch and Andy Paluch went over some things we learned at Sales Jam and over the past couple of years from companies that are really using Come Alive Outside in their sales. Here is a recap of some of the things we heard during the webinar:

What is Come Alive Outside?

People have different definitions for Come Alive Outside. Here are some people have recently shared.

  1. The feeling YOU get when you go outside. Michael Hatcher told us about this at Sales Jam.
  2. The verb that connects many programs around the country with actions. Rick Geise from Nature Safe shared this with us.
  3. Getting kids off the couch and outside.
  4. Why our customers want to do business with us and why we should want to business with them.

Why Should We Ask Why?

Learning to ask why a customer wants a certain feature or product is a very good sales tool. Here are some reasons we should be doing more of this:

  1. We become more to them when we ask why. We become an adviser.
  2. It helps us to have more significant conversations with our customers.
  3. The usual conversation is centered around money. When you start with the why, you can break out of this.
  4. We get to do something that has meaning to it.
  5. We can sell in a way that honors our own creativity.

Who Has the Prize?

Check out this book called Pitch Anything by Oren Klaff. One concept mentioned is that when something is sold, somebody has the prize. We tend to think of the prize as being the person who has the money. That sets the salesperson up as going after the prize. How about thinking of ourselves as having the prize? Internalize and believe this. We want to tell them about the prize we have for them.

Other designers can create beautiful designs, but emotional connection comes when we ask, “Why?” The customer thinks, “They understand me.”

A good question to ask in your sales meetings is, “How many people can we help?”

Sales Ideas and Tips:

  1. Don’t just tell your story. Be your story. Prove you are who you say you are. When we are our story, we don’t have to tell our story.
  2. Do something! Create an event. Don’t be afraid to step out from the ordinary.
  3. Look at things in a different way. Do you see signs of office developments? Don’t just drive past them. Look at nature and ways to connect with the developers.
  4. Propose an edible garden to an office park.
  5. If a customer has a problem like a crumbling wall, let them know you can fix it but propose an outdoor living space.
  6. It can be as simple as just asking, “Why?” It is a way to upgrade a sale or differentiate yourself. Set yourself up as the people who care.
  7. Remember: You are creative!

Webinar Recording

Want to hear the whole webinar? We recorded it and you can access it here.

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