Come Alive Outside Changes Peoples’ Lives!

by Linda Coors on July 15, 2013

In an article written by Jennifer Gray, associate director of The Ohio Nursery & Landscape Association, and published on July 9, 2013, in Nursery Management, she asks the following question:

How can the horticulture industry be part of, and capitalize on, changing peoples’ lives, mentally and physically?

This is a great question, and the article goes on to explain how the answer may lie in the Come Alive Outside movement.

NGLCO Field Day FlyerThe 46th Annual Nursery Growers of Lake County Ohio (NGLCO) Summer Field Day will host a special presentation to discuss the Come Alive Outside initiative and how customers and businesses can benefit from the program. NGLCO has invited Jim Paluch to lead a Come Alive Educational Workshop at the field day on August 13. Joe Zampini, NGLCO Board of Director and Lake County Nursery Vice President of Sales, says,  “It didn’t take us long for us to realize the importance of this initiative and get behind it. We’ve been giving away our business to other industries, not to the competition within the industry. We’re competing against tech devices and vacations and home decorating. Those industries are selling lifestyle. Jim’s concept is a way we can put focus on the greater ‘purpose’ and ‘why’ of what we do rather than pushing particular plants. The plants will come—after we sell the lifestyle,” states Zampini.

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