Observing Nature Around You as You Come Alive Outside

by Linda Coors on July 26, 2013

I enjoyed reading a post this morning by Nicole Forbes, an employee at Dennis’ 7 Dees Landscaping and Garden Centers, describing her work at their 4 acres where “people and animals can find refuge from the ‘demands’ of urban life.”

Corn Coming Alive OutsideShe has been finding delight in the natural world surrounding her, and I was glad to be able to relate to this as I spend my early mornings on a walk and the evenings outside in the yard relaxing in the garden. I have been amazed again by the beauty and resilience of nature. A heavy wind and rain storm flattened most of our corn a few weeks ago, and several people told me, “It might raise back up.” I scoffed and thought, “Impossible.” I marvel now looking at the stalks standing tall with tassels and ears of corn growing on them. The stalks were bent but not broken, and it seems the sun drew them back up with nurturing care.

What do you observe when you walk outside? Open all of your senses and see what you can take in to make your day a better one today.

An excerpt of Nicole’s post that got me started on these thoughts is below, and I hope you enjoy it too:

I have lived in the Foster/Powell area now for almost 20 years and, even before working here, Dennis’ 7 Dees in SE Portland has always been my garden center. The nursery sits on roughly four acres of property amidst neighborhoods that are bisected by a busy four-lane highway. Having been here since the 60’s, the nursery has seen many changes in the surrounding area yet has remained a constant; a place where people and animals can find refuge from the ‘demands’ of urban life.

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