Frank Mariani Shares Ideas for Creating an Outdoor Living Space

by Linda Coors on August 6, 2013

Frank Mariani from Mariani Landscapes shared some great ideas at the Come Alive Outside event hosted by Lurvey Landscape Supply at the Chicago Botanic Garden with the groups that were touring the garden.

In the video clip above, Frank discusses some of the following:

Features to Include in Outdoor Spaces:

  1. Music
  2. Lighting
  3. Fireplace to extend season
  4. Pergola with heat lamps for protection from rain
  5. TV to watch the Bears

Responsibility to Clients:

  1. Listen.
  2. Do more than listen. Ask questions.
  3. Challenge them to think about something they’ve never thought about before.

Ideas You Can Use:

  1. Use interior decorating ideas for outdoor spaces.
  2. Ask, “How do you like to use your backyard?” If they like to invite 20 guests every weekend, they need a space for a table that accommodates that.
  3. Seasonality in color from March through November
  4. Vegetable gardens
  5. Client Appreciate Day or Charity Events in your backyard to let them see great things they could do on their property
  6. Take clients to beautiful places like Chicago Botanic Garden for ideas.
  7. Use resources for inspiration, like Google or Pinterest.

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