Jim Paluch Talks about Come Alive Outside

by Linda Coors on October 18, 2013

Jim PaluchMichelle Simakis, Associate Editor at Garden Center Magazine, recently interviewed Jim Paluch about Come Alive Outside asking him questions ranging from why he started Come Alive Outside to how he describes it to people. Some of the subjects touched on in the interview are:

  1. What is Come Alive Outside? They discussed the opportunity we have to help people enjoy the outdoors and how it can simply be described as “how you feel when you go outside.”
  2. Why did Jim Paluch create Come Alive Outside? It started as a response to the concept of sustainability and grew to a battle cry for all of us who care so much about what we offer through our profession.
  3. Who is the competition? The competition really is not other green businesses but anyone vying for the disposable income of our households, whether a car, a television or the newest technological gadget.
  4. Why are businesses encouraged to hold Come Alive Outside Events? Holding events helps our communities reconnect to nature and positions the green profession as community leaders.

Click here to read the entire interview.

It will help you to develop your answers as you seek to share Come Alive Outside with others.

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