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by Kathy Bull on October 22, 2013

Kathy Bull

Kathy Bull at outdoor celebration of locally grown foods festival

I can still hear the dinner bell ringing for me to come in from outside. I used that bell when my children were young and I hope they will use it too. That bell has become synonymous with outdoor play, nature exploration, getting dirty, discovery, and connecting to the world around me; fond memories I hold deeply in my heart.

I wish every family had a dinner bell, but I am not sure many do. Today’s youth are alarmingly disconnected from the natural world around them. Our state and nation faces unprecedented challenges to our children’s well-being. Their physical and emotional health, their education, their social skills, and compassion for their surroundings are being threatened by an overabundance of virtual experiences and programmed activity.

Scouts Serve Outside September (SOS) activity

Scouts Serve Outside September (SOS) activity

Today’s generation of parents struggle with fears related to the outdoors, germs, bug bites, too much sun, too much cold, unsafe play spaces, and “stranger danger.” These fears can become overwhelming and inhibit the healthy development that comes from real experiences outdoors. This is the first generation where their life expectancy is shorter than the generation before it. The problem is widespread but we can be part of creating the solution.

A growing body of research has abundant data to support the importance of getting children outside and active in nature, especially in unstructured play environments.

KidsZone Kids Day Asheboro, NC

KidsZone Kids Day Asheboro, NC

Backyards, city parks, and state parks provide incredible experiences to discover the world. Come Alive Outside helps address these issues. Professionals in the green industry across the country are partnering with community organizations and community leaders to host outdoor events and lead a call to action around this issue. We can connect you to the networks involved in this work, and position your existing and future community activity under the Come Alive Outside brand…and help you gain visibility, new partners, and business opportunities that arise when people see you care about their community.

Let's G.O.! Event

April 2013 Let’s G.O.! (Get Outside ) event in Jacksonville, NC, Event included vendors and a variety of outdoors activities targeting children of active duty military

Join us as we come together with one voice to show that we take pride in the beauty of our communities, that as business leaders we want to be part of the solution. The impact for business is significant but even more importantly, the impact on our communities is great. Together, we send the message–for our children’s sake and for our communities’ sake–Come Alive Outside!! Now, does anyone need a dinner bell?

Email if you would like to know more about holding a Come Alive Outside event in your community.

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