Canada Blooms Increases Awareness, Intention and Opportunity to Come Alive Outside!

by Linda Coors on April 16, 2014

Scott Wentworth Speaking at Canada BloomsThe Scott Wentworth Landscape Group has been driving the Come Alive Outside movement since its inception. Hosting and coordinating dozens of events over the past three years, the Scott Wentworth Landscape Group has become a standout leader in their community, and Come Alive Outside has become part of the very core of who they are as an organization and WHY this company is thriving today. When Landscape Ontario posted for volunteers to design the featured Canada Blooms booth a few months ago, the Wentworth team was all in and ready to go. Tony DiGiovanni, Executive Director of Landscape Ontario, then asked Wentworth to carry the Come Alive Outside theme into their design, and the wheels were set into motion.

Kites at Landscape Ontario Come Alive Outside GardenThe result . . . “230,000 people were inspired by the Come Alive Outside message in the Landscape Ontario Green for Life Garden at Canada Blooms in March. Canada Blooms is the largest Flower and Garden Show in Canada and second largest in North America.” Thrilled with the response to the gardens, DiGiovanni shares, “There were many Landscape Ontario members involved in the garden build and together with the Scott Wentworth Landscape Group’s contribution, the results were amazing and inspiring.”

Wall of Intention at Canada Blooms Landscape Ontario Come Alive Outside GardenThe Wall of Intention

The 2014 Landscape Ontario Green for Life Celebrates Come Alive Outside display wrapped up on March 23rd, and as with all temporary display gardens, it was dismantled and shipped away in a fraction of the time it took to construct.

The legacy of the display lives on though, through the thousands of photos that were taken, photos that showed friends and family within the glorious display of spring colors, the puzzling altered monitors and the unusual structures defining the Come Alive Outside message. More importantly, the legacy of the display lives on in the thousands of visitors who took the time to write down their stated intentions of how they will live a healthier life outside. The “Wall of Intention,” a chalkboard within the Willow Hut, took on a life of its own as the board was filled daily with visitors writing down their personal intentions. By mid-afternoon, the wall was typically so filled with colorful declarations that new messages had to be scrolled over existing, or finding spaces within the letters of others. Some of these messages were extremely personal and obviously heartfelt. Statements ranged from promises to get outside and exercise to spend more time playing with their children outside. Intentions to plant a garden, grow milkweed for butterflies and plant 20 different types of heirloom tomatoes showed a dedication to gardening. We asked ourselves what would motivate someone to publicly declare their desire for a better, healthier life outside? Upon reflection, it seems to be the power of the message, and the public’s personal connection to it. The message is intuitive; we need to get unplugged, get outside and re-connect with nature. People know they feel better in doing so. How each individual does this is as varied as the people themselves.

Scott Wentworth on Cover of Landscape Ontario MagazineFront Page of Landscape Ontario

Our friend, Scott Wentworth, made the cover of the Landscape Ontario magazine following the hugely successful Canada Blooms display that the entire Scott Wentworth Landscape Group team and others worked on.

Click here to read more on Scott’s thoughts about the display and Come Alive Outside.

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