The Security of Nature

by Linda Coors on June 20, 2014

Sarah Walker, Program Coordinator for the Come Alive Outside program in Prince Edward County, Ontario, described why she is so passionate about getting children outside and in touch with nature in an article she recently wrote for the Child & Nature Alliance of Canada.

Children running through fieldShe can talk for hours about the necessity of children connecting to nature for their social, emotional and physical development, how nature helps to develop healthy, active living, or how getting outside gets kids away from the computer and video games. She realized recently that there is one word she can use to describe the reason she fell in love with the child and nature movement: security.

The media that most of us are exposed to on a regular basis is very negative and causes stress and unrest in the lives of adults and children. Getting outside and away from all of this offers a security that can help to relieve that stress. Sarah describes it like this:

As I sit atop this hill, I’ve just finished my undergraduate degree and I’m not really sure what my next step will be. In spite of this, I know that no matter what life brings my way, I can sit in this spot and watch the sun rise and set below this tree line. So I’m asking something of everyone who reads this article: take a child outside and let them fall in love with nature. Give them the security that no matter what happens in their lives there will always be a special spot from where they can sit and watch the sun rise.

Read the rest of Sarah’s article here.

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