Come Alive Outside is a call to action. These three words identify the source of a serious problem in our society and provide a clear, simple solution to making the world more healthy and vibrant. The relevance of this message resonates immediately with people, and the positive effects of this shift in lifestyle spread out in all directions. The Come Alive Outside EDGE translates the mission of the Come Alive Outside Movement into a strategy that allows businesses to grow and thrive by making a positive impact in their communities.

Energize your Team around a Passion

Draw People into the Landscape

Grow Sales from the Why

Engage the Community

The business strategy embodied in The EDGE was developed by observing companies across North America that have started to take action and make a difference in their communities over the past three years. Each of the four principles in The EDGE are ways in which companies can function in a way that strengthens their communities and their businesses. The Outdoor Living Profession acts as a steward to millions of acres of green spaces across North America, which presents a unique and compelling opportunity for companies to encourage people to get back outside.

Come Alive Outside provides the inspiration and the tools for companies in the Outdoor Living Profession to start to play a more essential role in the health and wellness of communities across North America. Below are links to some of these tools and resources.



To hear Jim Paluch from JP Horizons talk with industry experts about how to implement these principles in your business, check out the webinar series.


The Come Alive Outside Action Guide is a 9-week, in-house training program designed to get an entire company energized around the mission of helping people live healthier lives outdoors. We provide all of the materials you need to facilitate a productive one-hour meeting each week. These meetings will guide you through the process of building a network of partners in your community and then ultimately taking action in a way that creates the greatest possible impact in your community.



Here are some great resources that you can use to get inspired and take action. Please contact us for access to the logo and other marketing materials.


To get more information about how your business can help people Come Alive Outside, contact us.