Carpenter & Costin, led by owner Russ Marsan, in Rutland, Vermont, is a company that has become totally immersed in the Come Alive Outside movement. Carpenter and Costin has done a great job of networking with other partners in the community and across the state. If you are looking for ideas on what you can do in your company, check out some of the links below to see what they’ve been doing to inspire their community to Come Alive Outside.

2nd Annual Snow Fun Day (Feb. 22nd, 2014)

Inspired by the success of the first Snow Fun Day hosted last year outside the Meadows Assisted Living Center, Carpenter and Costin is hosting another snowman building festival.  This great event gives children and families and opportunity to get outside and get active for the day and also provides the senior with the pleasure of watching everyone Come Alive Outside!  Stay tuned for pictures of this event or check out a full description of last year’s event here.





Winterfest (Feb. 1st, 2014)

Over 500 people from the community came out for the festivities included ice-skating, snow sculptures, food and fun for everyone. The snow sculptures were created with help from the Chafee Arts Center in Rutland, Vermont. By partnering with the Parks and Rec Department, the Chafee Arts Center and others, Carpenter and Costin is able to consistently facilitate events that get the community outside, active and having fun.


Wonderfeet Kids’ Museum Benefit (Oct. 29th, 2013)

Carpenter and Costin hosted a dinner to benefit the Wonderfeet Kids’ Museum. A top local chef was on hand to prepare a delicious meal in the beautiful outdoor kitchen that Carpenter and Costin has at their main office. Sponsors and partners for this event included a local farm, restaurant, garden center, Belgard Hardscapes and others.






Fun in the Park! (June 15th, 2013)

Carpenter & Costin June 15 FlyerOver 300 people turned out for a day of fun and festivities in the park. By partnering with a wide variety of individuals and groups in the community from the Parks and Rec Department to a local arts center and members of the Audobon society, Carpenter and Costin was an essential part of bringing the community together to creat the opportunity for everyone to get outside and make memories in the great outdoors!

Listen to an interview with Russ Marsan, owner of Carpenter & Costin, talking with radio station about Come Alive Outside:

Radio Advertisement for June 15 Event:


Snow Fun Day (February 22, 2013)

This was Carpenter and Costin’s first official Come Alive Outside Event.  They had the wonderful idea of hosting the event at an Assisted Living center for senior citizens in the community.  The children and families that came out to build snowmen and play in the snow had a great time, as did all of the residents who watched the festivities from inside the Senior Center.  Read a full recap of Carpenter & Costin’s Snow Fun Day here.

Check out this post to learn how Carpenter & Costin planned for the Snow Fun Day on February 22, 2013. Radio Advertisement for Snow Fun Day:


Community Networking

One thing Carpenter & Costin is very good at is getting together with other community members to help everyone Come Alive Outside. Read here about their help to build Vermont’s first official bike path. Check out Carpenter & Costin’s website here:

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