Proposals for CML Snider School, Prince Edward County :

In October of 2017, Wentworth Landscapes hosted teams of landscape design students from Algonquin College, Fanshawe College and Seneca College to travel to Prince Edward County to participate in a design charrette with students and teachers from CML Snider Elementary School, as well as high school students from Prince Edward Collegiate Institute.

Using the input and ideas generated during the charrette, the teams created the final proposals below for a new natural schoolyard at CML Snider. The designs will be voted on by the students at CML Snider and judged by a panel of professionals according to the following criteria. Winners will be announced at Landscape Ontario Congress on January 9th, 2018:

    1. The design encourages interaction with the space using all five senses.
    2. The design integrates the creative input of the students and teachers who will use it.
    3. The design creates habitat for native wildlife
    4. The design effectively manages and utilizes rainwater.
    5. The initial phase of the design can be built on a budget of $45,000.


Algonquin College Proposal:

Algonquin Design Board: Click to Enlarge

Algonquin Project Narrative: Click to Read


Fanshawe College Proposal:

Fanshawe Design Board: Click to Enlarge

Fanshawe Project Narrative: Click to Read


Seneca College Proposal:

Design Board: Click to Enlarge

Project Narrative: Click to Read


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