Sporting Winter Outside Picture Contest

Contest Rules – Sporting Winter Outside 2012

  1. Your picture may be a recent picture or a nostalgic picture.
  2. A caption must be submitted for your picture to qualify.
  3. Pictures submitted must be your property, or you must have permission for their use.
  4. The time to submit pictures for this contest is from February 10, 2012, until March 24, 2012.
  5. Voting will take place from February 17, 2012, through March 31, 2012.
  6. There has to be at least 15 pictures submitted by 15 people before the contest will be valid.
  7. Send everyone you know to to vote.
  8. The person who has the most votes (at least 100) will win $1,000.00.
  9. A person can only vote one time and must provide a name and email address to ensure the integrity of the voting.

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