2012 Face-to-Face


July 10 – Harmony Outdoor – Wisconsin

Harmony Outdoor LivingIn this special Face-to-Face Event, financial expert Frank Ross joins the JP Horizons team to explore opportunity costs and the successful ways the Harmony team has been able to effectively and efficiently provide more for their customers. Participants will engage in discussions that focus on creating strategic alliances and partnerships, adding value to your customers in unique ways, and developing better approaches to do the things you’ve always done. Read more…

July 24 – Michael Hatcher & Associates – MemphisMichael Hatcher & Associates

Find out how you can grow your business from where you are to where you want to be with a clear vision, consistent marketing and an energized team. Michael Hatcher has built a strong profitable $7 million business for 27 years focusing on Design-Build, Bid-Build and Residential Maintenance without being in a major market area fueled with the mindset of continual improvement and driven by focused energy and leadership. Read more…

August 30 – Scott Wentworth Landscape Group – Picton, Ontario

Wentworth CAO EventTogether, the team at Scott Wentworth Landscape Group has created systems that helped them grow in 2010 and in 2011. If you want to be able to align all of your departments with everybody focused around a shared vision, shared goals and shared systems, this is a day you don’t want to miss.

The Scott Wentworth Landscape Group has also become catalysts in the Come Alive Outside Movement, and the vision that “Everybody wins when somebody goes outside” is a driving force at the very core of their culture today. Responsible for creating the first Come Alive Outside Community in North America, this innovative company has become an energizing presence and a respected partner in their community. Mark August 30th on your calendar and take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn what the Come Alive Outside message can mean to you, your employees, their families and the community you serve.

Click here to watch a video of Jim Paluch talking about how the Face to Face at Scott Wentworth Landscape Group can benefit you.

Read more…

September 27 – Ruppert Landscape – Laytonville, Maryland

Ruppert Branch Headquarters

The Ruppert Landscape team built their business to incredible standards, sold it and then, using proven processes, did it again. It is no accident when you do all the right things twice, and it is the culture at Ruppert Landscape that drives their success. No matter where you are today or what size your company is, you will want to take advantage of this rare opportunity to learn from one of the very best in the country. Read more…


Per Person: $199.00
Season Pass: $499.00 for 5 people – You may buy a season pass if you are sending people to at least 2 different locations.

All events are now over or sold out. Call (440) 352-8211 if you want to be put on a waiting list.