2014 Lineup

Take a look at the 2014 Face-to-Face Lineup below and read Jim Paluch’s insights about each company, and then reserve your space at one of them today!

I am excited about the great Face-to-Face hosting companies we have this year that are willing to open up their doors, share best practices and allow all of us attending to share ideas that will help us to stay on a journey of CONTINUOUS LEARNING and taking action to get results. Some of the companies are old friends to JP Horizons, and a couple are new friends, but here are a few insights into each.


Eastern Land Management LogoEastern Land Management – July 24, 2014

Stamford, Connecticut

Bruce Moore Sr. and Bruce Moore Jr. are great examples of first-generation transitioning to a second-generation company. As a family-owned business since 1976 they have a strong culture focused on safety and provide a full line of exterior landscape services. With this Face-to-Face taking place in July, we will have the opportunity to focus more on SNOW OPERATIONS and look forward to having many SIMA members in attendance.

Sposato Landscape LogoSposato Landscape – September 16, 2014

Milton, Delaware

Interacting with the Sposato Landscape Team will energize you! In business since 1992, they serve a very unique market of HOAs and high-end residential customers that cause the crews to be very responsive and diverse in their skills. An interesting approach to fleet management will also offer opportunity for debate and discussion at this event. They operate three branches and have a summer internship program designed to give students hands-on experience in both field and managerial work.

Schill Grounds Management – September 30, 2014Schill Grounds Management Logo

Cleveland, Ohio

Schill Grounds Management is a family-owned company that is among the largest and most successful commercial landscaping services and snow management firms in Northern Ohio. Serving Commercial Properties in Northern Ohio for 20 Years, Schill has a strong culture of training and accountability as each team member performs to their C.A.R.E Values – Consistency, Accessibility, Reliability, and Expertise.

Smith Grounds Management LogoSmith Grounds Management – November 6, 2014

Indian Trail, North Carolina

Servicing the greater Charlotte area, Smith Grounds Management provides comprehensive landscape management services for over 200 properties and may be one of the most organized and structured companies that we have come across. Owner, Chip Smith, is very willing to give credit to the leadership team that has been assembled and their commitment to training and communicating with their employees.

Signature Landscape LogoSignature Landscape – November 13, 2014

Kansas City, Kansas

Signature Landscape Inc. owner, Bill Gordon, founded this forward-thinking company in 1989. Since that time, Bill has remained committed to Continuous Learning for himself and his team, and their commitment to training is evident. Their passion and focus is Commercial Landscape Maintenance with a fleet that includes 70 customized vehicles equipped with the latest, most efficient technology. Bill has developed a management team that allows him to better fill his role as owner in growing and guiding the business.


I literally can’t wait to visit each of these companies because I know they will be tremendous hosts and willing to share as much as they can to help each of us. I am also excited about each Face-to-Face because of the team of industry supporters that join us each year. The Smart Companies do not come to Face-to-Face to set up a booth and show their products. They are engaged in the process of learning and sharing right along with everyone else. You can see the Smart Company Lineup below and because of their commitment and support, it makes the Face-to-Face events a tremendous and affordable learning opportunity. Most of all, I am excited about the people who will attend the Face-to-Face. Each year there are the regulars that come year after year because they know each event has helped them in some way. There are also the first-time companies that come, maybe with a preconceived idea of what a “company tour” is and leave with a greater awareness of how unique and effective the Face-to-Face process is to help them become CONTINUOUS LEARNERS!

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Face-to-Face Events are sponsored by the Smart Companies: