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We InIf you are committed to supporting Come Alive Outside and becoming an ambassador of the movement as a Partner Company, please submit the short form below. We are a 501(c)3 non profit organization, so all donations are tax-deductible. After hearing from you, someone will follow up to answer any questions that you may have, as well as email an invoice for your donation pledge and provide login information for accessing all of the tools and resources outlined below!

Donation Pledge

We deeply appreciate your support and are pleased to offer the tools and materials below to help you continue to prove your commitment to getting people back outside!


-Tools for Taking Action-
Action Guide JPH

The Action Guide is a 9-week training program developed by JP Horizons to help companies in the outdoor living profession take a more focused and strategic approach to making a difference in their communities.  The weekly lesson plans, videos and templates make it easy for you to conduct meaningful weekly meetings, putting a common purpose at the center of your culture and driving business performance by creating a better world.


Event Toolkit Logo 2 The Event Toolkit is a step-by-step guide to hosting an event that helps to get people outdoors and active in your community!  The checklists and resources in this toolkit walk you through every step of the process, from establishing a network of partners, to planning, promoting, executing, and celebrating a successful event.


-Materials for Engaging Clients and Community-CAO Materials

CAO Materials 2

-Flyers and Handouts-
-Landscape to Table: A Guide to Edible Outdoor Spaces-
-Come Alive Outside Messaging Packet-
-Come Alive Outside Book of Games-
-Press Release Templates-
-Powerpoint Presentation-
-Tip of the Day for social media-

All of these materials are provided in a digital format for you to print and use as needed.  If you would like help printing these materials or signs, banners and merchandise for an event, we are happy to help you arrange this!


-Phone and Email Support from Come Alive Outside Staff-

Over the past four years, we have been helping companies take action to reposition themselves as trusted advisors in promoting public health in their communities. From thinking through the fine details to brainstorming the big picture of what you want to accomplish, we are here to help as you energize your team around the mission of Come Alive Outside and take action in your community!


-Annual Trademark License-


Come Alive Outside has become a rallying cry for companies, communities, colleges, youth organizations, trade associations and concerned citizens across North America who are committed to taking action and making a difference! As a Partner, you have the right to use the trademark to promote your commitment to helping people get back outside, living healthier lives.


-A Network of Active Partner Companies-


Become part of a network of companies led by some of the most forward-thinking leaders in the Outdoor Living Profession! This passionate group of companies is dedicated to the vision of healthy individuals, families and communities enjoying the full benefits of great outdoor spaces where they live, work and play.  Most importantly, this network of companies appreciates the integral role that professionals with the expertise to create and maintain these spaces have in driving positive social change!