Smart Company: Blizzard Snowplows

Blizzard Snowplows
BLIZZARD® Snowplows pioneered the expanding moldboard technology, and today manufactures and markets a full line of innovative snow and ice control equipment. BLIZZARD is dedicated to providing the most innovative, highly productive snow removal equipment available today.

BLIZZARD established a reputation for building tough, rugged snowplows with the invention of the POWER PLOW®, a new snowplow category with hydraulically-expanding moldboards that create various high-capacity plowing configurations.

“And Blizzard’s exclusive SPEEDWING™, is the only snowplow with wings that automatically angle forward and back as the blade is angled, to constantly maintain the most efficient plowing configuration,” said Dan Bousman, Blizzard Snowplows senior product manager. “The SPEEDWING provides the productivity of a POWER PLOW, but is as easy to operate as a straight blade.”

BLIZZARD POWER PLOW and SPEEDWING snowplows are good for People, Profits and the Planet. “Customers find that this technology allows them to carry much more snow per pass,” said Bousman. “In fact, many report time savings of 30-50% over straight blade plows. They complete more jobs in less time, saving labor, fuel, and wear and tear on their trucks.”

As part of a lean manufacturing strategy, more pre-assembly work is completed at the factory, which simplifies field installation and saves the customer time and money. The pre-assembly process allows every unit to be tested prior to leaving the factory. Blizzard also proactively pursues environmental responsibility throughout the manufacturing and procurement process, voluntarily making sustained efforts to exceed compliance requirements.

BLIZZARD strives to makes things easy for the customer. An online POWER MATCH program helps customers match their truck to the appropriate plow model. And an interactive online parts list helps make service parts shopping easier for end users and dealers alike. Customers can contact Blizzard online at any time. Plus Blizzard technicians and sales people participate in various online forums throughout the year.

“As sponsors of A Better Way Community and the Come Alive Outside Movement, we look forward to interacting with more leaders in the green industry,” said Bousman. “We hope to both learn from them and help offer solutions.”

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