Smart Company: Harmony Outdoor Living, Inc.

Harmony Outdoor Living
Harmony Outdoor Living, Inc. began in 1991 as a hardscape and masonry contractor. As the industry grew and matured, and the movement toward elaborate outdoor living environments exploded, they eventually saw a real need in providing consumers with beautiful, high quality, consistent outdoor living products. In order to fully develop the outdoor living market potential, they saw that the industry needed to transition from almost 100% full custom installations, to more of a semi-custom model; not unlike many other segments of the contracting industry overall. In 2007, Harmony transformed itself into a manufacturer of pre-build modular outdoor living “Elements”. These Elements consist of beautifully designed outdoor fireplace sets, outdoor kitchens, brick ovens, and water features. Each Element is part of a cohesive “Collection”, essentially marrying all the vertical outdoor living features in terms of aesthetics and design.

In effort to further expand their product offerings, in 2011 Harmony merged operationally with MediumRare, who manufacturers modular outdoor living features as well, albeit in a much different way. “The merger of MediumRare’s Atlas cabinets and grill/stainless products, with our Elements products, now provides the contractors, dealers, and consumers, with all the outdoor living options in terms of finish”, says Joe Raboine. “Unlike our Elements, which are completely finished and made exclusively with landscape block and pavers, our Atlas cabinets are made of welded aluminum frames, are covered with cement board, and are ready to accept any type of finish; from tile, stucco, brick, or stone”. “For 2012 we are getting ready to announce some exciting additions to this line, that include ovens, water features, and fireplaces”.. With either line of products, Harmony’s complete focus is in providing consumers with the most complete solutions in the industry, and the best experience when purchasing an outdoor living space.

Harmony is thrilled to be a part of the “Come Alive Outside” movement. Says President, Joe Raboine. “Not only does it fit in with what we sell, it really strikes at the heart of why outdoor living is so popular. We are constantly being asked what is driving this trend – is it the beauty, the cooking, the shared experiences….? My answer, is that it’s much deeper than any one facet. It’s about the primal need to connect with something greater. It’s something we all feel and can’t always describe, but most of our best memories involve being outside. Being part of a movement and an industry that promotes being outdoors and enjoying life with family and friends – is simply awesome.”

“We feel that we are only scratching the surface of what’s possible and can’t wait to get up every day”. Joe Raboine adds, “The outdoor living industry is in its infancy and that is a huge opportunity for all of us. What’s really great is that when we work together – we all win and everyone’s lives are made a little bit better. The alliances we are building through JP Horizons and this movement are exactly what needs to happen to really influence change. What is really fun for me is meeting others who share this passion, while simultaneously creating environments that are not just beautiful and functional – but that literally transforms people’s lives. What a great business to be in – we get to create dreams for people everyday – places that they can share with the family and friends. Places that they can reconnect with the nature and decompress from the pressures of our “connected” world. That’s what drives us.”

When asked to share his “why” Joe enthusiastically responded, “I believe in what we are doing – and the potential that we have to change to world. I know that may sound cliché and I realize that WHAT we are selling may be perceived as a luxury item, but in our crazy world, anything we can do to help people reconnect face to face with people and nature is a good thing!” Working together as an industry to really dig down and view ourselves as partners in providing this consumer experience is absolutely vital. Working with the contractors, dealers, and other manufacturers, who all play a crucial role in the consumer experience, is the only way to really tap into the full potential of this opportunity. JP Horizons and Come Alive Outside is providing the opportunity to work together as true partners. Collectively, we are much stronger than the sum of the parts!”

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