Smart Company: Include Software

Include Software

Include Software, the leading business management software provider for the green industry, joins A Better Way Community to connect with landscape companies and help them see what is possible for their businesses. Include offers two programs designed specifically for the Green Industry: Asset — a program that manages every aspect of a landscape business, eliminating any need for other software — and Censeo, a standalone program that helps landscape companies with estimation.

Nanette Seven, vice president of Include Software, said her company wants to serve as a resource for A Better Way’s members, helping them understand what’s available in terms of software. “I want to know what they need to make their business better,” Seven said. “Then I can help them determine what software works best for their organization – my product or another one.”

Include not only serves as a resource to the industry, but it also provides fantastic support to its current clients. Include hosts regular webinars for clients to learn about specific software features. Currently, Include’s team is creating a video series to show how each software application is used in business and how it can be applied in a real life. These videos will appear on Include’s website in the coming months. When customers face questions on their software, Include’s team uses a program called Log Me In to connect with a users’ system to work with them directly. Seven said this process is much easier for customers to relate to and it is more efficient in resolving questions quickly and accurately.

Ninety-nine percent of Include’s clients renew their subscription to the software each year, Seven said, due partially to the relationships formed between the clients and Include’s team, but due mostly to the measureable return on investment they see from the software. T. Lake Environmental, a member of A Better Way, has used Asset since 2003 and has doubled its revenue in that time. The software allowed T. Lake to streamline the flow of management information and simplify processes like estimating, job costing, human resource management and payroll, drastically reducing overhead. Include’s other clients have shared similar successes, because the software is designed specifically to help landscape companies manage and grow their businesses.

“It’s a foundation from which your business can grow,” Seven said, explaining how Include provides the support and opportunity for a company’s growth. “Unlike QuickBooks and other software that is not industry-specific, there is are no scalability issues with the software. You can grow as much as you want to and Asset will help you get there.”

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