Smart Company: Western

Celebrating 60 years of providing top-quality snow and ice control equipment, WESTERN® brand products have been the first choice of professional snowplowers for six decades. With the latest product line additions, that tradition is sure to continue.

Western Products manufactures and markets a full line of CONTRACTOR GRADE® snowplows, from the WIDE-OUT™ Adjustable Wing Snowplow, to the MVP™ PLUS V-plow, to the PRO PLUS® for heavy-duty commercial and municipal operations, along with a full line of steel and poly snowplows, and a wide variety of ice control equipment.

“With a product focus on efficiency, quality and durability,” said Patrick Dietz, Western Products senior product manager, “WESTERN brand snowplows address our customers’ requirement for added profitability.”

As a strong proponent of Lean manufacturing strategies, WESTERN is able to react more quickly to changing customer requirements and adjust their product mix to prevailing demand. And with multiple manufacturing facilities, WESTERN has established business units that capitalize on core competencies. This specialized approach means greater production efficiency, for increased value and quality.

WESTERN also understands the importance of environmental sustainability and proactively pursues environmentally-responsible policies and procedures both internally and throughout their extended supply chain to help assure continued success as the market leader.

WESTERN strives to stay in touch and in tune with their customers. In addition to providing regular training to dealer personnel, WESTERN’s factory technicians will also provide direct end-user training to large contractor/customers who have on-staff mechanics.

WESTERN employees also make a point to get into the field and speak with customers – even riding along during snow events – to better understand the operator’s headaches, stresses and pains; with the ultimate goal of developing solutions and delivering products that address those needs.

“Over the past year we have really enhanced our voice-of-the-customer commitment,” said Dietz. “We have collected far more owner surveys and we’ve been calling even more customers to get first-hand feedback. We want to make sure our products are performing up to expectations and that our customers are satisfied.”

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