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Strauser Nature’s Helpers is a full-service company offering services in landscape design and installation, landscape maintenance, holiday and event decor and snow and ice management. They are located in Monroe County, Pennsylvania, near the Poconos and have taken an active interest and involvement in helping their community to Come Alive Outside.

Event for Community Leaders

Monroe County ProclamationIn August 2013, Strauser Nature’s Helpers hosted leaders from throughout their community to talk about helping people Come Alive Outside. They invited Jim Paluch to come help spread the message, and over 60 leaders from the community, from the county commissioners to various business leaders to local non-profits, all gathered at the headquarters of Strauser Nature’s Helpers to hear Zech’s vision for the community. They made plans for the community to host 10 Come Alive Outside events over the next year to get people of all ages outdoors and connecting with nature. They plan to build a new village green that will provide the outdoor space in which the community can gather for all kinds of activities and events. They will start to identify themselves as the type of community that places a high value on spending time outdoors and will communicate this message to the world. Soon after the event took place, the Monroe County Board of Commissioners passed the Proclamation to the right declaring themselves to be a Come Alive outside Community that would encourage citizens to participate in outdoor activities.

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Strauser WaterfallAction Team

Zech Strauser, owner of Strauser Nature’s Helpers, created an Action Team, which is simply a group of individuals or businesses who want to take action to help their community find ways to Come Alive Outside. The keep in touch using a group email list to notify each other of opportunities and arrange meetings. This group actively promotes ways for their community to get outside and stay active. They use a Come Alive Outside Poconos Facebook page and website to support their efforts in doing this.

Living It

The Strauser team does not just talk about Coming Alive Outside, but they live it. They often go on outings as a team. Recently before starting three waterfalls in their clients’ backyards, they went on a waterfall hike to get their staff near the nature side of things.

Home Show

Strauser Nature's Helpers Home Show boothStrauser Nature’s Helpers believed in the importance of helping others get outside long before hearing about Come Alive Outside, so they have eagerly embraced the Come Alive Outside message. They had a booth in March 2013 at a home show with a Come Alive Outside theme to it. This is a great way to share the message with your community. Strauser Nature’s Helpers had the video explaining Come Alive Outside playing at their booth along with some pictures of their beautiful landscaping work.

Healing Garden at Pocono Medical Center’s Cancer Center

Strauser Nature’s Helpers put in a lovely healing garden at the Cancer Center of Pocono Medical Center. Research has shown that even the ability to look out windows and see nature helps patients in hospitals to heal faster.

Strauser nature's Helpers Healing Garden

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