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The Scott Wentworth Landscape Group, led by Scott Wentworth, in Picton, Ontario, is one of the first companies to understand the Come Alive Outside movement and embrace it in all they do. From working with their community to help it become the first Come Alive Outside Community in North America to learning to sell from the WHY using Come Alive Outside, they are a great example of a Come Alive Outside company. Here are some of the highlights over the past few years:

Community Involvement

Unstructured Play and Prince Edward County Come Alive Outside Kick Off

Learning About Unstructured Play and Prince Edward County Come Alive Outside Kick Off

The Scott Wentworth Landscape Group organized community leaders in Prince Edward County, Picton, Ontario, to declare Prince Edward County a Come Alive Outside Community. Through the combined efforts of Wentworth Landscape and Prince Edward County, they have created several community events, created an outdoor fitness trail and organized an adult recreational soccer league. Read more here about Prince Edward County.

Presenting Come Alive Outside to Community Government

In July of 2011, Come Alive Outside held an event in Chicago, and Scott Wentworth attended. Prior to that event, Wentworth Landscape had already been very involved in Come Alive Outside and had presented it to their community, Prince Edward County. That municipal council embraced the ideas and became the first Come Alive Outside Community in North America. At the event in Chicago, Scott Wentworth role-played how to present the idea of becoming a Come Alive Outside Community to a municipal council. Whether you are presenting to a community or a group of individuals wanting to know why Come Alive Outside is important, you can get a lot of great ideas by watching Scott’s 5-minute video clip here.

Sarah Walker from Scott Wentworth Landscape Group and Jim Paluch from JP Horizons did a webinar on how to get your community Coming Alive Outside. Click here to listen to a recording of a 15-minute excerpt from the webinar for ideas to get your community involved and how to get media support.

Creation of Come Alive Outside Book of Games

The Scott Wentworth Landscape Group began talking about unstructured play from the beginning of their involvement with Come Alive Outside. They have been involved in several events encouraging children to simply get outside and play without a schedule, rules or strict supervision. Sarah Walker from Wentworth Landscape suggested they put together the Come Alive Outside Book of Games and went about collecting favorite outdoor games from people across North America. The result is a great book of outside games categorized by the following:

  1. Games for the Backyard
  2. Games for Neighborhood Parks
  3. Games for Forests and Conservation Areas

Click here to read more about this and get a copy of the Come Alive Outside Book of Games.

Canada Blooms

The Scott Wentworth Landscape Group used the Come Alive Outside theme in designing the Landscape Ontario garden for Canada Blooms 2014. With volunteers and donations from many companies, the garden was built and visitors enjoyed it during the 10-day event.

Read more here about Wentworth Landscape’s experience at Canada Blooms 2014.

Social Networking and Websites

The Scott Wentworth Landscape Group has also excelled at keeping people informed about community events, the adult soccer team and services provided by the company to help people Come Alive Outside using social networking and websites they’ve created to provide information. Here are some examples of pages they have created or helped create and maintain.

Prince Edward County Come Alive Outside WebsiteCome Alive Outside Page on Company Website

Prince Edward County’s Come Alive Outside Website

Prince Edward County Facebook Page



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