What is The EDGE?

Come Alive Outside is a battle cry.  These three words identify the source of a serious problem in our society and provide a clear, simple solution to making life more healthy and vibrant. The relevance of this message resonates immediately with people, and the positive effects of this shift in lifestyle spread out in all directions.  The Come Alive Outside EDGE takes the power and importance of the Come Alive Outside message and translates it into a concrete business strategy for the Green Industry.

Energize your Team around a Passion

Draw People into the Landscape

Grow Sales from the Why

Engage the Community


The business strategy embodied in The Come Alive Outside EDGE, provides a shift in the status quo of landscape design and marketing.  The Green Industry acts as a steward to millions of acres of green spaces across North America.  There is no other single group of people and businesses better equipped to get people to Come Alive Outside.This strategy provides a company with new set of tactics and tools for creating a more successful business by impacting positive change in the world.  We can capture the business opportunities of today while creating a better world for tomorrow!

To hear Jim Paluch from JP Horizons talk with industry experts about how to implement these principles in your business, check out the webinar series:

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