What Is Come Alive Outside?

When you think back to your childhood what do you remember?  Is it that one Saturday when you sat in the living room and watched reruns all day?  Or, is it something that happened outside?  Maybe the first time you caught a fish?  What about that time when you came home so muddy that your mom had to spray you off with the hose before she even let you into the garage?  Remember that tree you used to sit under?  How about that one snowman that didn’t melt for two whole months?  Think of all the fun you used to have in the neighbor’s back yard…

For all of the benefits that a half century of technological breakthroughs have brought, something has been lost.  And, what we’ve gained seems to have settled right around our waists.  70 percent of adults are overweight or obese.  With rates of diabetes soaring, today’s children may have shorter life expectancies than their parents for the first time in over two centuries.  Our lives are a getting more stressful by the day.  Never have we had so many time saving devices and so little time to use them.  How many times a week do you get to sit down at the dinner table with your whole family?  When is the last time you made it a priority to sit and relax in your backyard for a while?

We need a shift in the way that we live our lives.

Come Alive Outside is a reminder of what works.  It is a reminder of what makes our lives healthy and our memories special.  Over the past two years, these three words have inspired individuals, families, business and communities across North America to take action.  With every action, the momentum grows.  There are so many ways that we can get back outside, from the local bike trail to our own backyards.  Children are automatically more active when they are outdoors, and spending time in outdoor spaces has the ability to melt away mental fatigue and stress like nothing else.  The great outdoors is also a perfect place to create and enjoy a sense of community with friends, neighbors and coworkers.  The reasons for coming alive outside are many, and the benefits start the moment that people step out the door.

The Come Alive Outside Movement was founded by Jim Paluch, in 2010 in response to the sedentary, indoor lifestyle that is contributing to a multitude of adverse effects in our society.  The movement appeals to individuals, families, businesses and communities to start finding ways to encourage one another back into the great outdoors.  Business professionals across North America have taken up the call and started working with their communities to organize events and create outdoor spaces that remind people of the joys of outdoor living.  To see how you can get involved, either as a business or as an individual, please contact us.

Take a few minutes to explore this website.  Get inspired by the Blog and the Tips of the Day. Watch the latest installment of the Come Alive Outside EDGE webinar series. Or better yet…

Turn off your computer.

Stand up.

Find the nearest exit, and …


Bonnie H May 8, 2013 at 10:20 pm

Hello, our 4-H group would like to use the Come alive outside movement to decorate
our barn this year during our county Fair. What ideas and suggestions do you
have to decorate the 2 large outside doors and the entire inside of the barn.
Thanks for your help……Bonnie from concord Ohio

Linda Coors May 9, 2013 at 8:42 am

Bonnie, this is such an exciting idea! Please email me at linda@jphorizons.com or give us a call at 440-352-8211 so we can discuss how to proceed. Thanks!

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