Winter Picture Contests

February: Sporting Winter Outside in 2012

January: Where have all the snowmen gone?

It’s easy to relate with the challenge to Come Alive Outside when the air is warm, the sun is shining or the leaves are brilliantly colored and floating to the ground, but what about when the air turns cold and the snow flies? It takes a little more creativity and initiative to Come Alive Outside in the winter months. Do you remember the thrill of bundling up to go outside and build a snowman or snow fort? Did you ice skate or go sledding every time it snowed as a child? With the help of our Smart Company sponsors, Fisher, Western, and Blizzard Snowplows, we would like to challenge you, your family, your company and even your community to Come Alive Outside this winter.

Win $1000 with Your Winter Pictures

We will be running two picture contests in January, February and March and the winner for each contest who gets the most votes on our Come Alive Outside website will win $1000! If you live in the South, be sure to call your children and grandchildren and inspire them to get out and play in the snow and then submit their pictures with a caption.

Contest 1:
Where have all the snowmen gone?

Have you noticed the decline of snowmen gracing our lawns over the years? We think it’s time Frosty made a comeback! You have a chance to win $1000 by Coming Alive Outside and building the most creative snowman as deemed so by our readers. Be sure to have your friends and family visit this site to vote for your picture and you might be our winner! You can begin posting your pictures with a caption now and voting will take place January 9 – February 17.

Snowman On a Bench 1993

Snowman On a Bench 1993

Dad's Dare . . .

Dad's Dare . . .

If 2012 is not giving you enough snow to create a snowman yet, submit your best nostalgic snowman pictures for the contest and then get your friends to come to the site and vote for you. You can guess from these shots that they weren’t taken yesterday! Jim Paluch and his boys look a little different today but they all still like to COME ALIVE OUTSIDE!

Sporting Winter Outside 2012

Contest 2:
Sporting Winter Outside in 2012

There’s more to good winter fun than just snowmen! Begin taking pictures now of your favorite winter sport . . . oh, you or someone you know must be in the picture. Are you up for some ice skating, snowboarding, skiing, sledding, hiking, or ice fishing?

Submit entries here, February 10th – March 24th

Browse the contest photos and VOTE HERE, February 17th – March 31st

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