Come Alive Outside — Everybody wins when somebody goes outside

What if people spent more time outside?

Spending time outside prevents the development of obesity. Studies have shown children are more than twice as active when they are outside.

Source: Harvard Medical School

Childhood play in nature is associated with recycling, buying green products, and the choice of nature areas for recreation in adulthood.

Source: University of Colorado

Children who have regular contact with nature have better concentration and self-discipline. Nature also helps children cope with stress.

Source: White Hutchinson

Here's the problem:

  • Outdooractivity
  • TimeSpentOutside
  • WhatDoChildrenKnow
  • VideoGameIndustryRevenue
  • AmericanHomeswithTvs
  • Lifespan
  • ChildhoodObesity
  • HoursofMediaExposure

Here's what we do:

Come Alive Outside facilitates collaborative community systems that create the awareness, intention, and opportunity for people to live healthier lives outside.


Healthy individuals, families and communities enjoying the benefits of great outdoor spaces where they live, work and play.


Get active outside.
Eat what you grow.
Learn with your hands.
Relax outdoors.
Play unplugged.

Here are some examples:

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