Human Foosball 2024

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Come play a giant Human Foosball game in Center Street Marketplace Park on February 22! Kids 5-17 can play for free from 1PM-2PM. Our free Teen Tournament from 2:30PM-4:30PM. The paid tournament for adult teams runs from 5:30PM to 8:30PM. The cost is $50 for each team of 6 players. There is no cost for the teen tournament. Spectators can watch all games for free. Please send a check to Come Alive Outside, P.O. Box 267 Rutland Vt 05702 or scroll down to enter a credit card via PayPal. Teams must pre-register to compete and the registration form is below.

All proceeds from the tournament will benefit Come Alive Outside.


  • Two teams compete against each other to score the most goals in 10 minutes.
  • Each team consists of 6 players in 3 different rows that must face the opposing team’s goal  at all times: 1 goalie, 3 mid-fielders and 2 forwards. See diagram below. 
  • Teams are allowed up to four spare players, who may only substitute at half time.
  • 6 poles are laid cross the arena with a sleeve over each. The sleeve allows the players in  each row to move laterally along the pole, but not forward or backward. 
  • The game is played in two 5-minute halves, with a 2-minute half-time between each.
  •  Teams change sides at half-time. Players may change positions at this point.
  •  All Players must sign a waiver at the Come Alive Outside tent before they play. 


  • Players must keep both hands on handles at all times.


  • One foot must be touching the ground and shoulders must be above the bar at all times. 
  • Players can block with any part of their body, as long  as hands are kept on the bar. 
  • Play continues until a penalty occurs, a goal is scored, or the timer runs out. 
  • Players can only move laterally from side to side. Mid –Fielders and Forwards must work together to move side to side. Teamwork is key! 


  • Any player who takes their hands off of the handles or makes contact with another player will result in a  penalty shot for the other team. 
  • Penalty shots are taken by the opposing goalie, with all players on the court locked in place.
  • If the ball goes is kicked out of bounds, it will be  given to the other team at mid field.
  • The goal of human foosball is to have an awesome time.  Any whining, complaining or unsportsmanlike conduct will be  deemed officially uncool and frowned upon!

Human Foosball Team Sign Up

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